"Firman is an international brand that has been recognized by world standards"
Know More About Firman Indonesia

FIRMAN Indonesia is a National trading company who distribute various kinds machinery products which is needed and used at a wide scope of activities and environments. For home used to Industrial used. And meet the needs of construction activities, irrigation, agriculture, shops, food processing, and other outdoor activities and etc.Firman Indonesia always try to meet market demand by expand its range of products according to its core business as  Distributor of power equipment, water pumps and small machinery.



Company’s achievement, shape and positions in market today is the result of hard work and experience forging for many years along 2 generations.




  • 1978 - 1980

Forerunner to the establishment Firman Indonesia began in 1978 with the opening of store called "UD TECKINDO" in Medan by Mr. and Mrs.. Tjandra Widjaja. Originally  UD. TECKINDO on 1978 sells mostly wood cutting machine parts.

  • 1980 – 2000

Following the market demand for the timber industry, during the year 1980 - 2000, the company began selling the forestry industry products such as chainsaw, brushcutter and their spare parts. 

  • 2001 – 2006

Significant corporate developments in the period 1980 - 2000, the second generation began to take the company to the next level by widening the distribution area to reach all five islands of Indonesia. The head office was moved to the capital town Jakarta, which is the center of business activity for the country.

Coupled with the expansion of more products, company reap huge success in the generator market products that meet the needs of society at that time.

  • 2006 – 2012

Armed with the belief  “Quality and Service are every business’s key to satisfy and get customer’s loyalty

In 2006, the company reforms its marketing strategy and business by starting to introduce its whole main products under the brand "FIRMAN" which is derived from English "FIRM" and “MAN " means tough/reliable man. So the "FIRMAN" is known together with tag line "Proven to be Reliable". Although the development of "FIRMAN"  later more widely known in Indonesian pronunciation, with religious meaning.

2013 – present time

"FIRMAN" brand constructed by building consumer confidence to the "Quality", with a vision "To be the best trading company with excellent customer satisfaction" and a clear mission mentioned on the Brand itself :



Since previous period to this period year, company have build several service centres and authorized service dealer in various regions.

This year also, the headquarters was moved to the location of industries with extensive warehousing and adequate location for service improvement. Company reshuffle its organizational structure and remodel towards professional handling distribution strategy, marketing activities, internal quality care, customer service and many other things to achieve the expected VISION.